RAW Artists Charlotte: Reflect (2.4.19)

In shocking news, we’ve been selected to be a part of the RAW Artists Charlotte showcase ‘Reflect’ on February 27. RAW is an independent arts organization that invites local artists from a variety of genres (visual art, music, photography, fashion, etc.) to come and showcase their work. We’re real excited to be a part of it but we need some help!

For us to participate we need to sell some tickets. Attending the event is a great opportunity for us to showcase our work to a ton of local artists and community members, and each ticket sold helps make that happen. Pre-sale tickets purchased though our RAW profile are only $22.50 ($30 at the door). Not only will that ticket help support us in participating, but it will get you into an awesome event to see some of the best local artists and music that Charlotte has.


As a way to say thank you to anyone that buys a ticket, we’ll pick a couple random winners and give away some free stuff from the site. Also if you buy a ticket we will buy you a drink or two for being awesome.

The event is on Wednesday, February 27th at 7pm at the Fillmore in Charlotte, NC. If you have any questions just let us know!




Crewnecks and Dad Hats (1.27.19)

We’ve been working on getting these released for a couple months now, but crewnecks and dad hats are now for sale! We’ve kind of expanded the frnk ‘brand’ a bit over the last few weeks by adding the reversed face logo and the ‘Frnk’ script, so it’s cool to see them in the flesh on a couple of new products. The crewnecks are legit very comfortable and the dad hat is your classic adjustable cap with front embroidery and a buckle closure in the back.

It’s still cold out so go buy one and stay warm while reppin’ the brand. We appreciate you.


Carolina Hurricane Relief (9.21.18)

For those that don’t know, the FRNK Design Co. loves North Carolina. We lived in Chapel Hill from 2013 to 2016, and have now officially relocated to Charlotte, NC for good (we did not like living in NYC). We’ve moved around a bunch but have always had a special spot in our hearts for NC, so seeing everything that happened with the hurricane last week was awful. We were living in Houston when hurricane harvey hit and saw first hand the damage that caused, and know how difficult the recovery process will be. We have friends that live in Wilmington and New Bern and other eastern Carolina towns and we want to help in the relief efforts. It probably won’t be much, but every bit counts.

For the next month, we’ll be donating a portion of profits from all of our Carolina prints and t-shirt orders to the Julius Peppers Hurricane Relief Fund, which provides relief to victims of the storm.

For more info on the Julius Peppers Hurricane Relief Fund or to donate, CLICK HERE.

Go Heels. Go Frank. Go America. Go North Carolina.


Supporting The Sato Project (8.6.18)

Ever since we launched this whole thing we knew we wanted to do some good and give back in some way. Over the past month or so we had been looking around to find a local charity or organization that was really doing something awesome, and doing something that we felt we would be proud to get behind and support. Then one day somebody sent us a dm on Instagram about this dog named Finn (KeepingFinn IG). I can't remember who sent it but they thought it looked like a mini Frank. We noticed that Finn was called a 'sato' (a Puerto Rican term for 'street dog') and that led us to discovering The Sato Project.

The Sato Project is a Brooklyn-based organization 'dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico'. They specifically spend a lot of their focus on an area known as 'dead dog beach,' where people just abandon their dogs. They rescue them, test and treat them, and fly them back to NY to foster, and finally to get adopted. Finn was one of those dogs, and for those that don't know, Frank was also a rescue dog in Ithaca.

We're donating a portion of our profits to help support The Sato Project. They're an awesome organization, and if you want to learn more about what they're doing you can check them out here, or if you'd like to donate visit TheSatoProject.org/Donate



MERCHHH (7.29.18)

It took forever but we finally got merch for sale in the shop. I'm going to make excuses and blame it on moving to NYC. But we got a couple shirts and the softest tank top you'll ever wear - all with frank's dopey face on them. I legit wear the frank tank almost every day. 

So buy a shirt, then take a photo in it and post it somewhere so we can share it and pretend like a ton of people are buying shirts, and then we sell more shirts. I think that's how that works.


a month old (5.25.18)

I honestly didn't know if we'd even sell 1 print. Didn't know if the site looked terrible (I've changed it 100 times since). Just kind of got to a point where I said if i didn't do it now I probably wouldn't do it. And here we are a month in, and you awesome people have actually bought our work. Legitimately spent your hard-earned money on frnk design co. artwork - and we are super appreciative. It would've been real depressing if nothing sold. Probably would've just quietly taken the site down and acted like you were a crazy person if you asked me where it went. Just pretend like it never existed.

But you've bought everything from blue cups to charlie f'n morton to a drawing of houston astros photog alex bdh with a huge head riding a funny bicycle - and we've shipped prints to 8 different states (and maybe a different country if a certain aussie's dad would respond to his email). We've run out of ink probably 10 times, run out of shipping supplies a couple and even run out of paper - mostly because we're newbs. We're still trying to figure everything out, but I think we're getting the hang of it. We appreciate the support and appreciate you people following along.

ALSO - we are reallll close to launching some apparel - a couple t-shirts and hats, which you can see sitting in the 'shop'. Just waiting on some final samples to make sure they don't look horrible.

Last thing - if you guys frame your prints and hang them proudly somewhere - send us a photo @frnkdesignco! We'll use it without your consent to try and sell more. Support the cause.


FRNK Design Co. is live (4.25.18)

The website and social accounts are officially live. The FRNK design co. is now a thing. Prints are in the shop - everything from Michael Scott to Blue Cups. New prints will be added regularly. All proceeds go to funding Frank's bark box subscription and brewery outings.

Merch is in progress. We're currently working on getting a few hats and t-shirts in the store. Stickers will be up soon as well. The big question is...who will buy any of it? I don't know. But if you want to support the cause and rock some cool shit with Frank's face on it, we'll let you know when everything is up.

Until then, buy some prints. Or don't.