Supporting The Sato Project

From the moment we launched this whole thing we knew we wanted to do some good and give back in some way. Over the first few months or so we looked around to find a charity or organization that was really doing something awesome, and doing something that we felt we would be proud to get behind and support. One day somebody sent us a dm on Instagram about this dog named Finn (KeepingFinn IG). I can't remember who sent it but they thought it looked like a mini Frank. We noticed that Finn was called a 'sato' (a Puerto Rican term for 'street dog') and that led us to discovering The Sato Project.

The Sato Project is a Brooklyn-based organization 'dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico'. They specifically spend a lot of their focus on an area known as 'dead dog beach,' where people just abandon their dogs. They rescue them, test and treat them, and fly them back to NY to foster, and finally to get adopted. Finn was one of those dogs, and for those that don't know, Frank was also a rescue dog in Ithaca.

We're donating a portion of our profits to help support The Sato Project. They're an awesome organization, and if you want to learn more about what they're doing you can check them out here, or if you'd like to donate visit